• Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro

Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro

A fun, energetic, quirky and upbeat retro jazzy groove track! Groovy drums, crisp big band horns, and funky jazz piano make this a perfect track for funny commercials, comic YouTube videos, vlogs, and any project that needs a fresh, fun music background with great energy.

This track is perfect for all of your projects: uplifting and inspiring projects, YouTube videos, slideshows, corporate presentations, children’s videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, app promos, tutorial, montages, openers, business videos and more.

Featuring acoustic bass, brass, xylophone, piano, bells, drums, shakers, tamburine, organ, acoustic guitar and other percussion.

I’ve include 5 versions:

1) Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro (Main) – 1:20 2) Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro (Short ver.1) – 0:36 3) Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro (Short ver.2) – 0:36 4) Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro (Loop 1) – 0:22 5) Fun & Energetic Upbeat Retro (Loop 2) – 0:22

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