• BikengePay Online Payment System

BikengePay Online Payment System

BikengePay is an online payment system like paypal, it allow user to send money, received and request money to friend in easy. With this script is come with many feature to make sure you run a good service for money transfer with better security.

This script is build in codeigniter php framework with latest bootstrap theme, easy to customize template, multilingual language switcher and more.


  • User signup and login.
  • User password reset.
  • Remember me (Multiple devices supported) feature on user login.
  • Login with email and username.
  • Multilingual language support.
  • Easy front-end and back-end Design.
  • User listing with server-side sorting and filtering.
  • SEO friendly, clean and meaningful URLs.
  • 100% Mobile ready.
  • User profiles.
  • User roles.
  • User profile image upload.
  • Built with Bootstrap themes
  • Server side form validation.
  • Google reCAPTCHA support.
  • Advanced exception handling.
  • User session management on active or expired sessions.
  • System and user settings.
  • Easy to install in 5 mins
  • And more Featureā€¦


  • Payment Deposit
  • Payment Withdraw
  • Send Payment
  • Request Payment
  • Accept & Cancell pending payment request
  • Transaction History
  • Manage Bank Account and Card.
  • Manage Setting profile details
  • And more feature..


  • Paypal
  • Bank
  • Credit & Debit card (Stripe)


  • Paypal
  • Bank
  • Card


  • Accept pending deposit (bank request)
  • Accept pending Withdraw
  • Manage Users
  • Edit and delete users
  • Manage sessions
  • Manage system fees for sending, withdraw and deposit
  • Edit admin profile
  • And more feature..

Server Requirements

PHP version 5.6 or newer is recommended.

For databases, MySQL (5.1+) via the mysql (deprecated), mysqli and pdo drivers.

Accounts Login/Signin Credentials

  • Admin User Account

    Username: Admin
    Password: Admin@123

Be free to ask me anything and any time.


  • Restful API
  • Skrill deposit and withdraw
  • Payza deposit and withdraw
  • M-PESA withdraw option
  • TIGO-PESA withdraw option
  • AIRTEL-MONEY withdraw option
  • Stripe deposit fix problem
  • New Welcome page theme

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