• Stream Tips. Twitch, Youtube & Mixer donation tool

Stream Tips. Twitch, Youtube & Mixer donation tool

Demo (User and Admin Panels)


Stream Tips – Service (Based on Laravel 5.4) allowing to take a donations from the audience.


  • PayPal Integration
  • Multilanguage support
  • Free help installing the script
  • Yandex SpeechKit integration (19 languages, 27 voices)
  • Authorization (Via: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer)
  • Donation statistics (In the user panel and admin panel)
  • List of all donations and the ability to add manually
  • Donation page (With the possibility of customization)
  • Event List (Widget)
  • Alert Box (Widget)
  • Donation Goal (Widget)


  • Free installation help
  • Voice support in Russian and Lithuanian languages
  • Ability to create additional modules

Folow Me

ToDo List

  • Add new payment methods

For the script to work you need a server (VPS or dedicated) and a minimum knowledge to operate the console

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