• Bing Suggested Keywords Scraper - Chrome Extension

Bing Suggested Keywords Scraper - Chrome Extension

If you are tired of spending huge amount of money to pull Bing Suggested Keywords on softwares, proxy, captcha and visiting websites which will give you only unrelated or limited results, then I have easy one click solution for you. This chrome extension will save your time and money.

Bing suggested keywords are those keywords which people actually search on Bing. You can use such keywords in your article to rank high on Bing or even use them for Bing Advertisement to target right people for your product or CPA offer.


  • Super Easy to Use
  • Auto Typing of Keywords – You don’t need to type anything in Bing Page!
  • Auto Duplicate Removal

How it Works

Watch video preview for this!

Who can use this?

  • Internet Marketers
  • People who wants to rank high in Bing
  • SEO Service Providers
  • People looking for highly profitable long tail keywords

NOTE: In both Regular and Extended License, you will get minified version of all JS files. Extended license will only give you rights to charge your customer for this extension. For non-minified version, please contact me for price!

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